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 Vermonters for Liberty


The Vermonters for Liberty organization is about action, not talk.  We work for the change we seek through community activism, education, citizen lobbying, supporting liberty candidates, and working with other groups and organizations to accomplish specific goals.  We know that things will only get better by doing something about it, not hoping it will get better or leaving it to others to make the change we want.

The Vermonters for Liberty, or V4L, organization is non-partisan; we’re not on the left or the right. We share views with both sides of the political spectrum; we have members who are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives and Progressives.

We have one overriding philosophy: a firm belief in the Constitution as the fundamental guarantee of our personal freedom and the right of each individual to pursue his or her maximum happiness.

If you believe in limiting the size and scope of government, if you feel that the politicians in Montpelier don’t represent your beliefs and values, if you’re fed up with ever increasing interference in and regulation of your life and business-   realize you are not alone. Join us in restoring Vermont!


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We welcome any level of participation! Since we are not engaging in regulated election activity, we have dissolved the V4 legal entity and no longer collect dues. But we still hope to put on annual events to help inspire and re-energize our fellow liberty activists.

So we welcome donations to help us hold events and reach out to other liberty-minded Vermonters. You can use PayPal...


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The bylaws from before we dissolved the legal organization can be found here

Freedom Links:


        Green Mountain Patriots
        Gun Owners of Vermont
        Seven Days   


        Cato Institute
        Liberty Crier 
        Ludwig von Mises Institute
        Reason Magazine


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Issues of Importance to our Members:

               Food Sovereignty

               Healthcare Freedom

               Home Schooling

               Opposing the NDAA

               War on Drugs